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Grooms Cake

 As I mentioned in a previous post my brother Adam recently got married. My fiancée Donea makes cakes
and I thought it would be fun to make him a grooms cake. Adam is a music producer and one of his tracks
is "I be where da cake be" I thought it would be a good idea to somehow use this in the theme.
Then Donea went about designing a cake incorporating several of his musical ventures.
 The Fire Department & Dubkiller

Fire Department Logo

Dubkiller web copy

It was a 2 tier chocolate cake.
Each tier had 3 layers with caramel buttercream & chocolate ganache frosting in between.

I played the part of the lovely assistant. I'm making ganache here.

Here Donea is rolling out the fondant. The fondant was the only part not made from scratch.
She used "The MAT!" method. I included their video at the bottom if you want to see how that works.

The cake was frosted with a layer of buttercream before putting the fondant on.

Next for the red.

I'm using an x-acto knife to cut out letters made of gumpaste and fondant.

We then cut little cubes of red and gray fondant and affixed those and the letters to the cake.
Here is the almost finished cake.

Gumpaste Chinese stars for the final touch. (Added once the cake was at it's destination.)
And there you go.

Regal Boy

Tide Pools

My older brother got married this week. He and his now wife live in southern California and spend a fair amount of time at the beach. Some of which have tide pools. So I did this drawing of them as a gift.

adam & tara Black & White Jpeg

adam & tara Jpeg 2