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Haunted Preorder Contest

I’m holding a contest to get the word out on Haunted. There is about a week and a half left to get orders in to comic shops. You’re probably aware that I’m publishing Haunted myself so this is all new to me and I really could use your help with the final push.

The prizes:

Runner up A signed copy of Haunted with a sketch inside.
Grand Prize An original 8x10 Haunted watercolor painting. Haunted is drawn completely on the computer so this is truly a unique item. The grand prize winner also receives a signed copy of Haunted with a sketch inside.

This is the color rough I did for the painting. I'll post the watercolor when it's done.
Ricky & Briar color

The details:

The winners will be chosen randomly but you can increase your odds. All the entrants names will go in a pot then the 2 winners pulled. You enter by posting about Haunted. You can enter with as many posts as you like. Facebook, Myspace and Twitter count as 1 entry each. Mentions on blogs and websites count for 2 entries. The blog and website entries have to include one of the banners from below.

All the entries have to say what it is and include a link back to www.hauntedcomic.com The idea is to get people to check it out and hopefully order the book. So if you’d like to personalize your post that would be great.

To let me know you’re in you can leave a comment here or email me at jdsmeaton@hotmail.com And let me know where you’ve posted so I can count you for however many entries.

And if your having trouble describing it just say it's like Goonies in a haunted house.

Thanks for your help. I sincerely appreciate it.



Banner 500 x 62 Preorder JPEG

Banner 728 x 90 Preorder JPEG


Pre Order Myspace JPEG

Preorder Form JPEG

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